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Fuchs Renolin ZAF 15 HV High Quality Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil
Fuchs Renolin ZAF 32 HV High Quality Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil
Fuchs Renolin ZAF 46 HV High Quality Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil

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Zinc & Ash Free with High Viscosity Index (ZAF & HVI) hydraulic oils have been developed for systems that are sensitive to zinc / ash and viscosity changes. These hydraulic oils offer anti-wear properties without zinc, and have great thermally stable viscosity sheer properties.
ZAF - Zincs are commonly added to hydraulic oils for lubrication purposes, however if the system is not compatible with Zinc or Ashes this will contaminate metalwork such as silver plating found on bearings and some pump assemblies, and (or) the system could contain sensitive plastics that may react badly. Either of these types of reaction can cause detrimental effects to function and could even cause failure. Another advantage of ZAF is that there is less risk of sticky deposits being produced with water contamination (e.g. in machine tools using water soluble coolants), Zinc additives can react with water causing deposits that blind filters and cause valve stick.
HVI - Higher viscosity additive within HVI oils means that it can handle a multitude of temperatures and still retain its viscosity level, meaning operation of the system is kept to peak performance at a much broader range of operating environments. HVI oil staying within it’s intended viscosity helps to maintain a normal level of anti wear, lubricant and cooling properties that aid in maximising machinery / components life span and, most importantly, great efficiency levels of pressure / force transfer.
Ensuring you have the correct specification is important as it promotes extended life span and maximum component / operation efficiency, meaning your machinery will last longer and should reduce maintenance bills.

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