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Castrol Bike
Laser Motorcycle Stand and Wheel Chock
Laser Feeler Gauge - AF - 10 Blades (0868)
Laser Feeler Gauge - mm - 10 Blades (0869)
Laser Aircon Fuel Lock Coupling Set - 4 Piece (4387)
Laser Auxiliary Belt Tool - 3/8in. & 1/2in. Drive (3757C)
Laser Engine Service Tool Kit - BMW/Mini (4770A)
Laser Adjustable Spark Tester (5655A)
Laser Oil Filter Drain Tool - Toyota/Lexus (5234)
Laser Fuel Line Pliers - VAG (4812)
Laser Mains Tester 240V - 2 Piece (0024C)
Laser Vacuum/Pressure Tester Kit (3752A)
Laser Diesel Injector Removal Set - 4 Piece - Delphi/Bosch (4760A)
Laser Oil Filter Wrench - Cup Type - 76mm - 12 Flute (4579A)
Laser Fuel Line Disconnect Set - 3 Piece (3306B)
Laser Bosch Injector Dismantling - 1/2in. Drive (4761A)
Laser Diesel Injector Adaptor - Off-Line (6123A)
Laser Diesel Injector Adaptor - Siemens (6118A)
Laser Diesel Injector Adaptor - Delphi (6122)
Laser Oil Filter Removal Wrench - 32mm- General Motors (6037)
Laser Fuel Feed Pipe Plier (4852)
Laser Diesel Injector Nozzle Sockets 1/2in. Drive 4 Piece (4843)
Laser Lambda Sensor Socket Set - 7 Piece (3750A)
Laser Lambda Sensor Socket (4701A)
Laser Spark Plug Socket - 21mm - 3/8in. Drive (1651A)
Laser 7 Litre ATF Dispenser (4792A)
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Laser ATF Adaptor Set - 3 Piece (5090A)
Laser Hub Nut Socket - 36mm (6279A)
Laser ATF Adaptor - CVT (4988A)
Laser ATF Adaptor - DSG (4987B)
Laser Battery Tester - Lead Acid Batteries (4294C)
Laser Battery Tester With Printer (5275C)
Laser Pliers - Mini Clip Set - 2 Piece (6259A)
Laser Pliers - Trim Clip Removal (6244A)
Laser Wing Cover - Anti Slip (6220)
Laser Polish Applicator Pads - 6 Piece (5993)
Laser Non Slip Wing Cover - Grey (5098)
Laser Non Slip Wing Cover - Red (5099)
Laser Non Slip Wing Cover - Blue (5100E)
Laser Grill Protector - Grey (5110E)
Laser Grill Protector - Blue (5111E)
Laser Brake Piston Retractor - Rover - 4 Square Pin (4055C)
Laser Hex Key Set - 2 Piece (5584C)
Laser Brake Fluid Tester (4875B)
Laser Brake Piston Rewind Tool - 4 Piece (3935)
Laser Disc Brake Piston Spreader (5093B)
Laser Brake Spanner - 1/4in. Sq x 5/16in. Hex (2599)
Laser Brake Spanner - 11mm Hex x 13mm Hex (2605A)
Laser Tube Flaring Tool - In Situ (3434A)
Laser Brake Caliper Piston Rewind Tool Set - 6 Piece (4511A)
Laser Brake Spanner - 8mm Hex x 10mm Hex (2600B)
Laser Brake Spanner - 1/4in. Hex x 5/16in. Hex (2602A)
Laser Brake Spring Washer Tool (2704A)
Laser Brake Spanner - 1/4in. Sq x 10mm Sq (2598)
Laser Brake Piston Cube (5541D)
Laser Brake Caliper Cleaning File (4855B)
Laser Brake Disc Run Out Kit (6084)
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Laser Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit (6285)
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Laser Brake Bleeding Kit (5731A)
Laser Brake Caliper Socket - 26mm 1/2in.D (6521A)
Laser Adjustable EPB Brake Adaptor - 3 Pin (6041)
Laser EPB Wind Back Adaptor - BMW F Series - 3 Pin (5837A)
Laser Brake Pipe Ratchet Wrench - Flexi Head - 11mm (5233)

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Laser, vehicle servicing, professional & DIY car mechanic workshop items. Laser produce high quality tools, parts and other automotive items that could help you when servicing or fixing your vehicle. Opie Oils stocks an extensive range, all at great prices available to purchase today online. 

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