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Castrol - Win a chance to race Esteban Ocon
Laser Rear Bush Tool - Renault Laguna (5125B)
Laser Ball Joint Separator - Cup Type (1793)
Laser Ball Joint Remover Set - 3 Piece (4872A)
Laser Threaded Bar M12 For 5178 (2474)
Laser Steering Knuckle Pinch-Bolt Drift - 3 Piece - VAG (5863)
Laser Universal Knuckle Spreader Tool (4587A)
Laser CV Boot Clamp Pliers (4136A)
Laser Lower Ball Joint Socket 35mm (2918)
Laser Magnetic Parts Tray (6144A)
Laser 7 Tray Tool Box - 21in./530mm (3487A)
Laser Spanner Organiser Rack (6208A)
Laser Plastic Service Cart - 3 Tier (5075A)
Laser 5 Tray Tool Box - 18in./480mm (0481C)
Laser 5 Tray Tool Box - 22in./560mm (1310)
Laser Castors For Tool Tray (4509)
Laser Penlight Torch - 1 LED (5633)
Laser Mechanics Head Torch - 5W Cree Bulb (5651)
Laser Aluminium Torch/Pick Up Tool - 6 LED (4589B)
Laser Pulley Wrench VW/Audi 32mm (4258A)
Laser Air Dryer Cover Remover (6328B)
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Opie Price
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Laser Alternator Tool Kit - 13 Piece (4213B)
Laser Drain Plug Key Set - 14 Piece (3175A)
Laser Engine Service Tool Fiat 1.3 Jtd (4773)
Laser Diesel Injector Puller Set (4762C)
Laser Spark Plug Boot Pliers (2719A)
Laser Auxiliary Belt Tensioner Tool - Ford (5208B)
Laser Spark Plug Internal Thread Restorer - 2 Piece (5278)
Laser HT Lead Removal Tool - VW (3793A)
Laser Locking Chain Clamp (3794B)
Laser Fuel Tank Sender Wrench - 3 Leg - 75mm-160mm (4768C)
Laser Stretch Belt Installation (4881)
Laser Diesel Injection Line Socket Wrench Set - 1/2in. Drive (4920B)
Laser Drain Plug Key - Female Square - 10mm (3687B)
Laser Drain Plug Key - Male Triangle (3688B)
Laser Spark Plug Spanner - T Bar - 300mm - Long (3640)
Laser Injection Pump Puller (4064A)
Laser Oil Filter Socket Key - 1/2in. Drive (4578B)
Laser Diesel Injector Pump Wrench Bi-Hex - 13mm (3684A)
Laser Cylinder Head Socket - E20 - 3/4in. Drive (4561A)
Laser Cylinder Head Impact Socket - 19mm - 3/4in. Drive (4559B)
Laser Oil Filter Wrench - Cup Type - 76mm/15 Flute - Jaguar (5042A)
Laser Water Pump Removal Kit - VAG (4639A)
Laser Diesel Injector Alignment Tool Kit (5126B)
Laser Twin Pull Bosch Diesel Injector Adaptor (5128D)
Laser Oil Filter Socket Set - 6 Piece (5123D)
Laser Spark Plug Torque Adaptor Set (4023)
Laser Drain Plug Key - 9mm/5/16in. Hex (1577)
Laser Drain Plug Key - 14mm/17mm Hex (1575)
Laser Drain Plug Key - 8mm/13mm (1578)
Laser Drain Plug Key - 10mm/12mm Hex (1576)
Laser Drain Plug Key - 3/8in./11mm (1579)
Laser Glow Plug Spanner - 8mm/10mm (4065A)
Laser Feeler Gauge - AF/mm - 12 Blades Offset (2483)
Laser Oil Filter Wrench Set - Cup Type - 14 Piece (3222A)
Laser Diesel Injector Socket - 28mm (2921)
Laser Oil Filter Socket - 38mm (3738A)
Laser Glow Plug Socket Set - 3 Piece (4122B)
Laser Glow Plug Removal Set - 16 Piece (5205B)
Laser Oil Drain Plug Repair Kit - 114 Piece (5124B)
Laser Fuel Filter Wrench - 108mm (4574A)
Laser Glow Plug Reamer Set - 3 Piece (5154A)
Laser Oil Filter Wrench - Cup Type - 76mm/8 Flute (3802B)

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Laser from Opie Oils in the UK

If you are looking for tools and workshop products then check out Laser's great range.

Laser, vehicle servicing, professional & DIY car mechanic workshop items. Laser produce high quality tools, parts and other automotive items that could help you when servicing or fixing your vehicle. Opie Oils stocks an extensive range, all at great prices available to purchase today online. 

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