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Laser Terminal Tool (3932B)
Laser Wiper Arm Removal Tool (3173)
Laser Exhaust Clamp Spreader/Installer (4469A)
Laser Bit Holder Set - 2 Piece (3137A)
Laser Hose Clip Pliers (3397A)
Laser Pry Bar Set - 4 Piece (3994A)
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Laser Suction Cup - Pistol Grip (4110B)
Laser Twin Faced Hammer - 16oz/454g (4371B)
Laser Hose Clip Driver - 6mm & 7mm Heads (2162B)
Laser Mechanics Brush Set - 5 Piece (5271B)
Laser Strut Nut Tool Socket (2941A)
Laser Hose Clamp (1491B)
Laser Slide Hammer - 10lb (4811)
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Laser Screwdriver Set - VDE - 7 Piece (5986B)
Laser Ribe Profile Bit - M13 x 100mm (3212C)
Laser Spline Socket Bit - M9 x 120mm - 1/2in. Drive (3194)
Laser Deep Star Sockets - 6 Piece (3225C)
Laser Angle Driver (3347A)
Laser Dent Puller Twin Suction (3596A)
Laser Deep Impact Bi-Hex Socket - 30mm - 1/2in. Drive (3379A)
Laser Spanner - Extra Long Ring - 13mm x 15mm (3526C)
Laser Ribe Profile Bit - M10 x 140mm - 1/2in. Drive (3101)
Laser Spanner - Extra Long Ring - 14mm x 17mm (3407)
Laser Wheel Brace - Telescopic (0591)
Laser Spanner - Extra Long Ring - 17mm x 19mm (3408A)
Laser Impact Socket - E24 - 3/4in. Drive (4562B)
Laser Hub Nut Socket 26mm 1/2in. Drive (3378B)
Laser Spanner Set - Double Ended Ring - 8 Piece (3457A)
Laser Ratchet - Swivel Head - 1/2in. Drive (3521C)
Laser Ratchet - Swivel Head - 1/4in. Drive (3519B)
Laser Ratchet - Swivel Head - 3/8in. Drive (3520A)
Laser Impact Star Sockets Set - 3 Piece (4873B)
Laser Spanner - Extra Long Ring - 8mm x 10mm (3405A)
Laser Spanner - Extra Long Ring - 12mm x 14mm (3406A)
Laser Deep Socket Set - 3/8in. Drive - 8 Piece (4039A)
Laser Alldrive Socket Set - 1/4in. Drive - 40 Piece (3568B)
Laser Speed Wrench - 6in./150mm (2463)
Laser Accelerator Pedal Depressor (3237A)
Laser Multi-Purpose Bit Set - 100 Piece (2905A)
Laser Blades - Snap (2432)
Laser Grip Wrench - 5in./125mm (0212A)
Laser Grip Wrench - 7in./180mm (0213A)
Laser Grip Wrench - 10in./250mm (0214)
Laser Hacksaw - 12in./300mm (0501A)
Laser Magnetic Tool Tray (2908A)
Laser Gear Puller - 4in. - 2 & 3 Leg Reversible (1914A)
Laser Gear Puller - 6in. - 2 & 3 Leg Reversible (1915A)
Laser Deep Impact Hub Nut Socket - 52mm - 1/2in. Drive (4884)
Laser Socket - Specialist 50mm 1/2in. Drive (3380A)
Laser Wheel Nut Socket Set - 4 Piece (5915)
Laser Axle Socket - 39mm - 1/2in. Drive - Toyota (4763B)
Laser Spanner Set - Combination - 6 Piece (0156B)
Laser Nut Riveter - Plus 40 Nut Rivets (0979A)
Laser Hex Bit Set - 7 Piece (0593A)
Laser Star Bit Set - 7 Piece (0595)
Laser Torque Wrench - 1/4in. Drive - 5Nm < 25Nm (3451A)
Laser Universal Brake Bleeder Adaptor (6036)
Laser Spline Bit Set - 6 Piece (0592)
Laser Junior Hacksaw Blades (0252A)
Laser Power Bar (2571) Replacement Head - 3/8in. Drive (2608)
Laser Screwdriver Set - 12 Piece (5983A)
Laser Sliding T-Bar - 16in./400mm - 3/4in. Drive (2115A)

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Laser from Opie Oils in the UK

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Laser, vehicle servicing, professional & DIY car mechanic workshop items. Laser produce high quality tools, parts and other automotive items that could help you when servicing or fixing your vehicle. Opie Oils stocks an extensive range, all at great prices available to purchase today online. 

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