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Motul ATF VI Fully Synthetic Car Automatic Gearbox Oil (ATF)
Motul DEXRON IID Car Automatic Gearbox Oil (ATF) & Power Steering Fluid - Red
Millers Oils Millermatic ATF DM Automatic Transmission Fluid
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Fuchs TITAN ATF 3000 Multipurpose Dexron II ATF
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Comma Mineral AQM Automatic Transmission Fluid
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Gulf Multi Vehicle automatic transmission fluid
RRP £14.99
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Millers Oils Millermatic ATF UN Automatic Transmission Fluid
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Febi Bilstein 08971 Automatic Transmission Fluid (Dexron IID ATF)
Total Fluide ATX Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF
Gulf ATF DX II automatic transmission fluid
RRP £11.99
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Valvoline ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid
Millers Oils Millermatic ATF D-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid
Comma AQ3 Automatic Transmission Fluid (Dexron II/IIE/IID/III)
Gulf Dexron VI ATF automatic transmission fluid

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General Motors DEXRON IID ATF Specification

Looking for DEXRON IID Gear Oil for Your Automatic Transmission? You'll find a great range here

Dexron-IID was introduced quickly after Dexron-II in 1975 with corrosion inhibitors to fix problems with corrosion-prone solder in GM's transmission fluid coolers, however this fix makes this oil hygroscopic so not compatible for hydraulic system applications

DEXRON ® is a registered trademark of General Motors Corporation. DEXRON®-IID fluids have been surpassed by later DEXRON® fluids. In general, the use of a DEXRON®-III or DEXRON®-VI automatic transmission fluid is recommended

If you're unsure which DEXRON IID Oil is correct for your application, or have a modified or unique Vehicle why not ask the Opie Experts for a Custom Gear Oil recommendation.

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