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Castrol - Win a chance to race Esteban Ocon
Fuchs Titan CHF 11S Hydraulic Fluid (formerly Pentosin CHF 11S)
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Fuchs Titan (was Pentosin) CHF 202 Hydraulic Fluid
Opie Price
Price Beater
RED LINE Power Steering Fluid

1 US Quart (0.946 litre)

Opie Price
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Comma MVATF Plus Automatic Transmission & Power Steering Fluid - Fully Synthetic
Comma MVCHF Central Hydraulic Fluid
Comma Power Steering Fluid & Conditioner
Motul Multi HF Fully Synthetic Multifunction Hydraulic Oil
Fuchs Titan PSF High Performance Power Steering Fluid
Millers Oils LHM Plus Mineral Based Hydraulic Fluid
Castrol TRANSMAX ATF Dex/Merc Multivehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid
Granville Power Steering Fluid with Conditioner (Red)
Granville Power Steering Fluid
Granville LDS Fluid

1 Litre

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Wynns Power Steering Fluid
STP Power Steering Fluid

354ml (12oz)

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Wynns CHF - Central Hydraulic Fluid
Febi Bilstein 06161 Hydraulic / Suspension / Power Steering Fluid
Febi Bilstein 06162 Central Hydraulic and Power Steering Fluid - Green (CHF 7.1)
Febi Bilstein 21647 Power Steering Fluid MB 345.0 (Green)
Febi Bilstein 21648 Suspension and Power Steering Fluid / Central Hydraulic Fluid MB 344.0
HyperDrive KXR CHF 11S Fully Synthetic Hydraulic Oil
Opie Price
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HyperDrive KX+ PSF Power Steering Hydraulic Fluid
Opie Price
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Granville CHF - Central Hydraulic Fluid

23 Products

Power Steering Fluid

Low on power steering fluid? Top-up your power steering reservoir with one of these quality power steering fluid products.

There are different kinds of power steering fluid for different cars. Those labelled simply "Power Steering Fluid" will have wide compatibility. Some cars will tell you what fluid to use on the reservoir cap. Some power steering systems require a Dexron type automatic transmission fluid (a bit confusing, but it's another type of hydraulic fluid) - see our selection of Dexron ATF here.

If you're looking for "power steering oil", power steering fluid will be what you want too! Check your car's handbook or get in touch if you need any guidance; we're happy to help.

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